Backflow Services

Backflow preventers keep contaminated and used water from entering back into the city’s clean water main supply or a home’s clean water supply.

We inspect and repair all types of backflow preventers for irrigation systems, domestic systems, restaurant backflow, and commercial fireline preventers to keep your home or business in compliance with local codes.

At South Coast Fire Protection we are fully licensed to install and maintain your backflow systems.

Don’t Lose Your Investment. Get a Maintenance Plan.

Make sure to set up a regular inspection, testing and replacement program to ensure all your equipment is ready for a potential disaster.

Contact us to discuss a service plan and/or equipment to fit your particular needs!

Trusted in Southern California Since 1970

“South Coast Fire Protection expertly handles all our high-end custom residential work. Sean Hanley and his team provide exceptional service starting at bidding all the way through final inspections and beyond into regular maintenance. We heavily rely on South Coast Fire Protection to understand not only the mechanical design requirements but also the esthetics needed to integrate their components in with the overall design intent. All of our projects are high-end costal homes that demand the highest quality possible and we would not consider using anyone else for our fire protection needs.”
– Jesse