Fire Hose Services

Time is everything when it comes to protecting your investment. Having an occupant fire hose on the premise can be the difference between little damage and massive damage.

Having an occupant fire hose on the premise can help you manage or put out the fire before firefighters arrive.

At South Coast Fire Protection we are fully licensed to install your occupant fire hose and maintain it.

Don’t Lose Your Investment. Get a Maintenance Plan.

Make sure to set up a regular inspection, testing and replacement program to ensure all your equipment is ready for a potential disaster.

Contact us to discuss a service plan and/or equipment to fit your particular needs!

Trusted in Southern California Since 1970

“South Coast Fire Protection has been of great value to the work we perform here at San Onofre Nuclear Power station. On site, we have many challenges with security, training, time restraints, site policies & procedures in which South coast has bent over backwards to accommodate all our special needs. South Coast has proven time after time they can meet the challenges and keep within our time frame and budget. We really appreciate all their support and professionalism.”
– Ty