Fire Hydrant Services

Fire sprinkler systems, fire extinguisers and fire suppression systems are effective in managing fires but sometimes it’s not always enough.

In these cases you will need to rely on firefighters and the effectiveness of the closest fire hydrant.

Fire hydrants can become rusty, damaged, or have other mechanical issues that can delay the effectiveness of the firefighters or prevent them from using the hydrant.

Without regular maintenance you risk these multiple factors with your property.

At South Coast Fire Protection we are fully licensed to make sure your fire hydrants are working and ready to go.

Don’t Lose Your Investment. Get a Maintenance Plan.

Make sure to set up a regular inspection, testing and replacement program to ensure all your equipment is ready for a potential disaster.

Contact us to discuss a service plan and/or equipment to fit your particular needs!

Trusted in Southern California Since 1970

“South Coast Fire Protection has always done a great job on my behalf whether it was routine inspections for my clients or installing a completely new system at my personal home. Fire sprinklers are an intricate system and require expert knowledge and design. When we added a whole new system to our home, South Coast was the only right option. They took a lot of time and care in laying out the heads in a way that would not only meet code but also look aesthetically pleasing. They have an eye for design and made all the right calls. I would recommend anyone I know to use South Coast Fire Protection whether adding a whole new system or just a routine inspection and maintenance.”
– Christian

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